Little Lands Wines  combines one man’s love of natural wine, obsessive curation, and Euro delivery vans. 

His name is Brion.

You might recognize him from Barbrix where he served as the opening bartender and overstayed his welcome by a few years. Or perhaps you met him at El Chavo. Or Botanica. Or Salazar. Or All Time. All fine establishments which allowed him to further his wine knowledge and hone his skills for intuiting the right wines for the right people.

Now the residents of Northeast Los Angeles can reap the benefits of this niche life experience, one delivery at a time. Give a call, send a text - get in touch and let’s make some wine magic happen.


There really is no good, one true and correct definition of what constitutes natural wine.

And rather than getting bogged down, hung up or mired in the semantic deaiings of the delineation and specification of what is organic, biodynamic, how much sulphur is used at bottling, I just want to say that these are all wines you should feel great supporting, and most importantly drinking. From pristine farming to precise cellar work, I’ve chosen wines that follow as closely as appropriate the adage - “nothing added, nothing removed”.

All that said, I would be more than happy to discuss the particulars of all the wines in relation to those qualifications for the minutia minded imbiber out there.