Domaine Pignier • Poulsard • 2022

Domaine Pignier • Poulsard • 2022

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Another under-the-radar Jura face-melter, of which only 5 cases made it to California.

"TERROIR - The plot is located in the Val de Sorne gorge, on the slope on Montaigu is a east southerly exposure. Blue lias marls.

. Work in the Vines
Vineyard tended biodynamically, Demeter inspection and
certification since 2003:applications of horn manure, silica and herbal teas.
These farming methods preserve the grapes' wild yeasts which
enhance the authenticity and purity of the wines. Exclusively manual
grape harvest with selective-sorting in the vines. 

We deliberately reduce the yield using bud-pruning and rigorous green
harvesting since Poulsard is naturally very vigorous. The resulting wine
is fruitier and more elegant.

In the Cellars - Traditional red vinification: destemming with manual transfer of the berries into the vats. 15 days' maceration in vats during which time the cap is
regularly punched down.The fermentation is initiated with a leaven of wild
yeasts; no sugar or oenological products are added. 8-10 months' aging
in oak barrels. The unfiltered wine is bottled by gravity feed following the
lunar calendar, with the addition of very little SO2. The bottles are stoppered
with natural, fire-branded corks."


Jura, FR/Poulsard