Domaine Pignier • Sauvageon • 2020

Domaine Pignier • Sauvageon • 2020

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Shockingly little-known in California and inexplicably devoid of the "cool factor" of a lot of their neighbors, Pignier, for me, make excellent and thrilling expressions of Jura terroir. Drink it and weap.

(nerd info follows below)

"TERROIR - From the Val de Vallière gorge, on a slope of the village of Montaigu, with
North-east exposure. Clayey limestone, blue-black marls with some lias slate.

Work in the Vines - Vineyard tended biodynamically, Demeter inspection and certification since 2003: applications of horn manure, silica and herbal teas. These
farming methods preserve the grapes' wild yeasts which enhance the
authenticity and purity of the wines. Exclusively manual grape harvest with
selective-sorting in the vines. The grapes are rapidly transported to the cellars
in small boxes to avoid squashing the bunches, thereby minimising the
amount of SO2 needed during vinification.

In the Cellars - The bunches are pressed slowly before the juice is fed into egg-shaped vats without any added sulfur confer upon this wine the power and aromatic richness of savagnin. The wine will then age in the same vat for 16 months.

No addition of yeast, sugar, or any other oenological products.
The wine is bottled following the lunar calendar on a "flower" day, and stoppered with
natural fire-branded corks."


Jura, FR/Savagnin