Maria & Sepp Muster • Erde • 2020

Maria & Sepp Muster • Erde • 2020

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Will anyone buy this?

No one seems to be as much of a fan as I am of these visionary biodynamic legendary Austrian wines. 

And the Erde is one of the most legendary.

I am excited to be able to offer it here for those that are willing to strap in and go on a trip with this wine.

"Erde means “earth” in German, reminiscing where it all begins for good natural wine, as well as the earthiness of this long-skin-contact cuvée, born of grapes macerated for up to 12 months.

Age of Vines: around 30 years old

Soil: Opok – Limestone and clay silt

Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc and Morillon (Chardonnay)

Making of: Grapes are hand-harvested and half of them are destemmed. The grapes then macerate on the skins for 12 months before they are transferred to 1200-liter oval wooden tanks for elevage for about 20 months. Bottled without fining or filtration, no sulfur added.

Personality: quite something. Very herbal, out there on the ripe fruit aromas, the signature dense earthiness. Take this wine out on a date and be ready to only come home after 3 days or so. Or maybe a week."


Styria, Austria / Sauvingon + Chardonnay